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Online Exam : English Test 15

Q 1:

Directions(1-10) : In the following passage there are Blanks, each of which has been numbered . These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word /phrase in each case.

Depending upon how humanity chooses to use it, technology can enhance or (1) any aspect of life. The realm of interpersonal communication generally feels this impact first.

Many times throughout history, humanity has changed its modes of communication as society itself has (2) . As people began to spread out. Geographically, verbal communication turned to writing to make it more (3). Then , people invented ways of carrying both conversation and written communication between their communities to-keep in (4) with one another as travel became simpler. With the advent of the telephone, people began to wonder if picking up the receiver to call one another would eventually (5) out other forms of communication. So far, as families and friends have moved away from one another, the telephone even its cellular form, has allowed humanity to (6) the necessary links among its members.

Naturally, now that computers, instant and text messaging, and other forms of communication have found their way into the world, people not familiar with these technologies wonder what they will do to the human race. Etiquette experts and those raised on writing formal letters often (7) that email and text message lingo will replace the language of pen and paper. This will not (8) and both methods of communication can survive to enhance humans” enjoyment of one another”s company if the next generation learns how to (9) both., Each form of communication can survive with its own rules as people learn which situations in life (10) which level of formality and which of the people they spend time which can connect better with which type of language


1. The Answer is:


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