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English Online Practice Test

Name of TestNo of QuestionTime (in Min)
English Test 132015
English Test 122015
English Test 112015
English Test 102015
English Test 092015
English Test 082015
English Test 072015
English Test 062015
English Test 052015
English Test 042015
English Test 032015
English Test 022015
English Test 012015

It is seen that many students have their problems in English, Mathematics, Computer, General Knowledge and Current Affairs. These subjects are very important every time, whether they are giving the government job exam (Banking, IBPS, Rail, CGL etc.) or passing the school examination. With that view, we, the free mock team, have designed such a free mock test where anybody who is giving the government job exam or learning in school, colleges, universities or preparing himself or herself for better knowledge, can give the test without any fees. These tests are based on multiple choice questions. There have two parts, first is ONLINE EXAM, where the subjects are English, Mathematics, Computer, General Knowledge, General Intelligence. And the second part contains MODEL TEST PAPER.